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The Tiger Fund
Est. 2005


To provide substantial and continuous financial support for the student athletic programs at  Jackson State University.



To provide a foundation upon which   Jackson State University can build and maintain student athletic programs  that are able to compete at the highest levels of national competition.



· To win a conference championship in each sport.

· To win the conference overall sports trophy.

· To be in the top quartile of Division I student athlete graduation rates.

· To operate a student athletic program characterized by integrity and professionalism.

· To enhance Jackson State University’s athletic facilities.



To create a fund in the JSU Development Foundation to which individuals or organizations contribute  at least $1,000 per year to support student athletic programs at Jackson State.



· Membership in the Tiger Fund shall be open to anyone interested in supporting the vision,  mission and goals stated above.

· Users of the Tiger Fund contributions shall be at the discretion of the membership in consultation with the University’s administration, specifically the President and/or designee.

· Members/contributors  shall convene at  least twice a  year to review the performance of the  fund accounts, and to address other related  issues as necessary.

· The  Tiger Fund  Executive Board shall meet with the President  and Athletic Director in  June each to propose expenditures from the Tiger Fund for the upcoming fiscal year.

· 100% of Tiger Fund contributions are expended in support of JSU athletic programs.


Membership Application