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Courtesy: Jackson State Athletics Media
2013 SWAC Football Media Day
Courtesy: Jackson State Athletics Media  
Release: 07/14/2013
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SWAC Football Media Day will stream live on the SWAC Digital Network beginning at 10:00 a.m.

 on Media may arrive at 9:00 a.m. to attend the photo ops scheduled for 9:45 a.m. 

The annual kickoff to the SWAC athletic season - this year's media gathering will feature all 10 head coaches and selected student-athletes in an online video stream.


The SWAC will announce the 2013 All-SWAC preseason teams and predicted order of finish during the occasion as well as the conference television and stream broadcast schedule.


For those of you whom were in attendance last year, the format has changed. We hope this event is beneficial to you and your organization and we appreciate your attendance.



Below are the times the coaches and student-athletes will be available for interviews. Each group will rotate between the 1-on-1 / Table Interview area, Sound Bite - TV standup area, Audio Drops, SWAC Digital Network and SDN Online Radio. Each area is indicated by signage. If you miss someone during  the day, see a member of the SWAC staff or the school’s media contact. Below is a schedule highlighted by coach and in the attachment is a grid format which includes lunch times.


Anthony Jones (AAMU)          SDN Radio: 12:05         SDN: 12:20        DROPS: 12:35         TABLE:10:35       SOUND BITES: 11:10

Reggie Barlow (ALST)             SDN Radio: 11:20         SDN: 1:10          DROPS: 11:55         TABLE:10:35       SOUND BITES: 12:50

Jay Hopson (ALCN)                  SDN Radio: 12:20         SDN: 12:35        DROPS: 10:35         TABLE:10:50       SOUND BITES: 12:05

Doug Williams (GRAM)          SDN Radio: 11:30         SDN: 11:45        DROPS: 12:05         TABLE:12:20       SOUND BITES: 10:35

Rick Comegy (JKST)                SDN Radio: 11:40         SDN: 11:55        DROPS: 12:20         TABLE:10:35       SOUND BITES: 11:25

Karl Morgan (MVSU)              SDN Radio: 10:35         SDN: 10:55         DROPS: 11:15         TABLE:11:30      SOUND BITES: 12:20

Heishma Northern (PVAM)    SDN Radio: 11:10         SDN: 11:25         DROPS: 11:45         TABLE:10:35      SOUND BITES: 12:35

Dawson Odums (SUBR)          SDN Radio: 12:50         SDN: 11:10         DROPS: 11:30         TABLE:10:35      SOUND BITES: 11:50

Darrell Asberry (TXSO)           SDN Radio: 12:35         SDN: 10:35         DROPS: 10:55         TABLE:11:10      SOUND BITES: 1:05

Monte Coleman (UAPB)         SDN Radio: 1:05           SDN: 12:05         DROPS: 12:45         TABLE:10:35      SOUND BITES: 1:20


*SWAC Coordinator of Football Officiating – Harold Mitchell will be available on request.

*SWAC Commissioner - Duer Sharp will be available on request.

- Please see Zena Lewis for all requests for Commissioner Sharp and Harold Mitchell

Wireless Access
Birmingham Marriott provides free wireless internet. Search for the wireless network (it should automatically connect you) – if not, look for “Marriott Guest” – select free internet. If asked login information, use the username and password “MARRIOTT” (Caps). If you have issues please contact a SWAC staff member.


Media Guide CD’s

On the information table you will find press kits, materials and media guides from the SWAC and its member institutions.


The SWAC is NOT printing a hard copy of its media guide. Instead, you will find copies of the SWAC media guide on CD.  This CD contains the SWAC guide with member schools’ quick facts and last season statistics. If you do not receive the CD or want one from last season, please send an email to or and we will send you one when/if it is available.


Media Credentials

Media may pick up their credentials on Sunday, July 14, from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. at the hotel. Credentials will also be available for pick up on July 15 at 8:30 a.m. prior to the start of media day. Members of the media without a credential issued by the SWAC will not be allowed to attend.



Lunch will be served off the main lobby area in the lighted atrium adjacent to Birmingham III. The buffet line will open around 11:00 a.m. and will remain open until 1:30 p.m. This should give media, administrators, coaches and student-athletes an opportunity to eat before, between or after interviews. This will give you more flexibility through the day and hopefully avoid any long lines.


Photo Opportunities

Head Coaches will meet on stage in Birmingham III & IV at 9:35 a.m. for PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES. The coaches will line-up in alphabetical order by school with helmet in hand in accordance to the schedule grid layout - AAMU, ALST, ALCN, GRAM, JKST, MVSU, PVAM, SUBR, TXSO, UAPB. Helmets will be provided. The first five coaches will face left and the second five will face right and come together in the middle for photos. Coaches will then move to the stools located behind them for the start of the stage session. We are asking for camera crews to arrive for this portion by 9:00 a.m. for the ops and stage session.


Stage Session

The STAGE SESSION will begin immediately after the photo ops with an introduction and welcome, preseason team, and predicted order of finish announcements.


It will also include the viewing of the SWAC general and championship PSAs. The moderator will introduce the coaches and ask one question per coach in order of the schedule grid layout - AAMU, ALST, ALCN, GRAM, JKST, MVSU, PVAM, SUBR, TXSO, UAPB. This segment will open the online video stream with the moderator addressing the online audience. This portion is NOT open to questions from the media on the floor.  


SDN Radio

SDN ONLINE RADIO will broadcast live audio in Birmingham IV. It will feature the host, and head coach, with the option of a player or athletic director. Media relations contact has the option to feature one of the two players in attendance on SDN Radio. The player not selected for SWAC Radio may stand in at the sound bites with the head coach during the scheduled time.



One of the main segments of Media Day will include the SWAC DIGITAL NETWORK video stream on the main set inside Birmingham VI. For audio adjustments and lapel microphone placements, it is imperative for media contacts to get their coaches to this area prior to start time on the schedule. There may be a waiting period. Camera Crews will be allowed in this area for no longer than two minutes to gather B-roll. Print and internet media are not allowed in this area. Due to a live broadcast, this area is strictly for media contacts, coaches and camera crews.


Table Interviews

With the conclusion of the stage session, six coaches with student-athletes will immediately report to their respective tables in Birmingham III & IV to hold ONE-ON-ONE / PRINT / TABLE INTERVIEWS. We are asking media contacts to prevent video interviews at the table.


Camera crews can gather footage and B-roll during 1-on-1/Table interviews. Please conduct all one-on-one stand up interviews in front of the back-drops located in Birmingham V during your scheduled sound bite slots. Lighting will not be provided at tables. This portion of football media day may take longer than others.


Sound Bites / Stand Ups

All SOUND BITES & VIDEO STAND-UPS from camera crews must be performed in Birmingham V in front of the SWAC or school backdrops. Each member school is allowed to bring its own backdrop. Again, we are asking media contacts to prevent video interviews at the table. Camera crews can gather footage and B-roll at the tables, but conduct all one-on-one stand-up interviews in front of the back-drops during your scheduled sound-bite slots. 

However, if a crew wants a sound bite early during the table interviews,  media contacts may use the stand up/backdrop area if it is not occupied. Please notify a  SWAC administrator before using  the non-scheduled time slot. Please use time limit listed. Both student-athletes may accompany coaches for this segment.


If meeting with camera crew before scheduled time for sound bites, member school must return during its listed time for interviews with SWAC.  In addition, please remain on schedule if the change should occur.  Lighting will not be provided in the room. This is a quiet area and print / internet media are not allowed in this area.

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