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Hall of Fame
Courtesy: Jackson State Athletics Media  
Release: 10/01/2012
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Courtesy:Jackson State Athletics Media

The athletic tradition at Jackson State University runs deep, and there's no better place to find nearly 100 years of outstanding accomplishments than the JSU Sports Hall of Fame.

From Willie Richardson, the school's first nationally-recognized football player, to Walter Payton, the most celebrated sports figure, to Cleveland Buckner, one of the first Tigers to enter the NBA, the historical feats left by past JSU athletes have made an impact on the sports world.

Basketball stars Eugene and Purvis Short, baseball's Dennis 'Oil Can' Boyd and track and field's Tomysyne Ford Toney helped keep the JSU athletic tradition strong in the 1970s. Former JSU tennis star Kelvin Belcher and running back Lewis Tillman carried a lot of that weight in the 1980s. Jimmy Smith (NFL) and Lindsey Hunter (NBA) helped carry the torch in the 1990s.

Golfer Tim O'Neal, currently competing on the Nationwide Tour - a step below the PGA Tour, is one of JSU's proudest sons in today's athletic arena.

The JSU SHOF has 192 members. Below is the complete list of JSU Hall of Famers as well as a copy of the Jackson State University Sports Hall of Fame Nomination Bulletin. Individuals interested in nominating themselves or others may download a copy of the nomination bulletin or submitting the electronic nomination form to do so.

JSU SHOF Electronic Nomination Form

JSU SHOF Nomination Bulletin (pdf)

JSU Sports Hall of Fame Classes by Year
A.A. "Toy" Alexander
Earl W. Banks
Luther J. "Hot" Marshall
Lucius "Mitch" Mitchell
Edgar "Tripp" Stewart

Tellis B. Ellis Jr.
Percy Greene
John L. "Slick" Sullivan
C.D. "Pillar" Westbrook, Jr

Edward S. Bishop, Sr.
T.B. Brown
Wallace A. "Fats" Huggins
Giles "Froggy" Hubert
Robert L Wolfe

Clarence Watson
Raymond Sunshine Gilliam
Commodore Dewey Higgins
Frank Bear McCune

Herbert A. Wilson
Leroy Ramsey
Robert G. Clark, Jr
John A. Peoples, Jr.

Willie Richardson
*Mayne P. Higgins
*Joel "McCoy" Ingram

Robet Carl "Bob" Hill
Melvin Woods
*Walter A. Reed, Jr.

*Joseph Harrison Jackson
Estus Smith
Jean C. Wilson

*Robert C. Cooper
Ben McGee, Jr.
Wiley R. White

Willie T. Allen
Aaron Jones
Walter Reed

Alvin Odell Chambliss, Jr.
*Roy C. Hill
Lem Barney
Beverly Vernon Bishop, Sr.

*Thomas J. "Toe" Hill
Harold Jackson
*Gloria Crawford Paige
*John Dolph Rhodes, Sr.

Robet Braddy
James A. Brooks
*Walter Jerry Payton
Cornell "Snake" Warner

Frances Walters Pippins Carter
Richard Caster
Archie Lee Cooley, Jr.
*Daneil W. Heath
*Robert A. "Trixie" Johnson

Tellis B. Ellis, III
Jimmie Lewis Franklin
*John Henry "Big Red" Grantham
Eddie Payton

Jerome Barkum
Paul Covington
*Eugen Marshall
Roderick R. Paige
*Ray Y. Self

*James Carson
Vera A. Ford
Robet Hughes
Melvin Pete, Sr.

*Verlon Biggs
Robert Banks
Roy Curry
Helen Sias
*Stanlee Greene

*Ralph H. Bishop
Genen Bright
*Sylvester Collins
Sam Jones
Leslie Peters
*Leroy Smith
Sank Powe

Hylon Adams
Theodore Ambrose
Marvin Brown
Shirley "Billy" Harris
Calvin Scott
Jimmy Ray Smith

Louis Bullard
Bertha Hardy Smith
Luther Williams
Roscoe Word

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd
Dave Clark
Pam McDonald-Felder
Tommie Funchess
Lyvonne LeFlore
William Revies
*Willie Shepherd
Eugene Short
Purvis Short
Jackie Slater
Earl Thomas
*LaFon Fuller-Wiley

Evelyn Bender
Hubert Butler
Gloria D. Freeman
Larry Hardy
Perry Harringotn
Marion Henly
Clifton Marshall
Audie Norris
Kenny O' Banner
John Outlaw
Aaron Sellers
John Earl Shinall
Esther Hope Washington

Robert L. Brazile
Christopher L. Burkett
Charles H. Figgs
Lisa Thomas Freeman
*Harrison Hal
James Hartfield
Brenda Pinch Holloway
Wardell Leach
Edward R. Manning
*Donald Reese
Earl Sanders
Leon Seals

Charles Bingham, Jr.
William H. Cotton
Sheila Sanders-Dupree
*Huey Gayden, Jr.
A.W. Holt
Mozella Gibson-Jackson
John McKenzie
Kelvin Moore
Lewis Tillman
Jerry Yarbrough
Emanuel Zanders

Cleveland Buckner
Dennis Conner
Larry D. Cowan
Annie B. Currie
Tomysyne Toney Ford
Clinton Johnson, Jr.
Elwood Johnson
Jessie R. Jones
Tyrone Kidd
Jeffery Moore
Sylvester Stamps

Eva Freeman Anderson
The Late Harold L. Bishop
Vivian Brown
Leon Campbell
Robert E. Frith
Daryl Jones
Vernon Perry,
Yolanda K. Stringfellow
Lori T. Swanier

Tommie Campbell
Shawn Gregory
Picasso Nelson
Karen Taylor
Lester Walls
Jobie Martin
W.C. Grorden

Lindsey Hunter
Rodney Phillips
Tom Rice
Sean Woodson
Stanley Blackmon
Martin Epps
Harrison Wilson
 Mary Fuller
Wes Chamberlain
Darrin Wade
Alvin Jackson
Keith Lee
Ricky Miles

Sadie Magee
Dr. James Anderson
Tammy Blackwell-Witt
Thelma Anderson
Edgar Hardy
Rosalind D. Spann
Harold Cooley
Mario Kirksey
Patricia Jones
Keith Taylor
Julius McDougal
Marvin Freeman
Russell Golden

William "Pop" Gaines


Willie “Doc” Barnes

Radious Y. Guess

James “Big Cat” Harvey Jr.

Tameika Hill-Brown

Michelle Houston

Anna Eatmon-Johnson

James Carl Marshall

Louis Antonio McRae Sr., (posthumously honored)

Aubery Stewart

Charles “Red Rooster” Williams

Deatrich Wendell Wise Sr.