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Just as Jackson State University has evolved into one of the nation's leading public research universities, it has built a national reputation for outstanding student-athletes, integrity in athletics and high quality athletic programs among its 18 intercollegiate sports. Our student-athletes continue to perform in the classroom and in competitions bringing pride and recognition to Jackson State University. At JSU, we know what it takes to become a champion, and we remain dedicated to supporting the whole student-athlete, to training champions who can prevail on the field, in the classroom, and in their lives.

As universities compete for the most talented student-athletes, Jackson State University, too, must be prepared to meet this challenge. To begin this most important transformation that will sustain the Athletic Program for the future and beyond, Jackson State University is embarking on the most ambitious fundraising effort in the history of Tiger athletics. Tiger Sports is a bold initiative to usher in a new and important era for Tiger athletics. Tiger Sports, a $3 million initiative, will focus on: 1) creating an annual unrestricted giving program to provide reliable and steady support for ongoing operations that will enhance our student-athletes experiences; 2) endowing coaching positions in order to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented coaches; and, 3) creating endowments to help provide a strong foundation for the Athletic Program.

The time is now to take Tiger sports to a higher level. Be a part of the team, the vision and the goal. This initiative will help increase the level of excellence in the entire Athletic Program and will help ensure that Tiger sports not only survive but also thrive. With your support, you will be helping to move Tiger sports closer to its goal of remaining fiscally sound, providing student-athletes with the best possible experiences, doing everything with integrity, and winning championships. Imagine the difference you could make by investing in the Tiger Sports initiative.

Tiger Sports Priorities
$500,000 Annual support to enhance Tiger sports
$2.5 million Endowment support for scholarships and programs $3 million

Building a Base of Support - $500,000
Annual unrestricted support provides Jackson State University and its donors with the chance to build one of the most critical facets of the Athletic Department's program: unrestricted giving. An annual gift is defined as a yearly donation. These unrestricted funds provide assistance where the need is greatest. Maintaining an outstanding NCAA Division I Athletic Program is a challenge, but through annual unrestricted support, Jackson State will be better positioned to maintain and enhance its men's and women's sports programs. Over the three-year life of the initiative, Jackson State seeks to raise $500,000 in unrestricted gifts, bringing annual support to new levels and establishing momentum that will extend beyond the initiative's conclusion.

Building the Endowment to Support AcAcademic Excellllence and Quality Programs - $2.5 millllion
Championships begin with scholarships. Some 90% of students at JSU receive financial assistance including our student-athletes. For many student-athletes, scholarships can make the difference between access to a quality education and a dream deferred. Very few students can shoulder the entire cost of a college education without scholarships and other financial assistance. Scholarships help us recruit and retain outstanding student-athletes, ensuring that their tuition, fees, and expenses are covered so they can concentrate on their studies and competitive activities.
Establishing an endowed scholarship, endowing a position on one of our sports teams, or endowing a coaching position can help maintain a championship tradition at JSU for generations to come. A gift to endow a coaching position acknowledges the pivotal role that coaches play in students' personal and athletic development, and is the highest honor the university can bestow on a coach. Endowed funds significantly add to the strength of an institution by providing a source of revenue through the returns on the investment, by providing a solid financial base for the institution, and by ensuring stability of student support. Over the three-year life of the initiative, Jackson State seeks to raise $2.5 million in endowment support.

As universities compete for the most talented student-athletes, Jackson State University, too, must be prepared to meet this challenge. This three-year initiative will ask Jacksonians to support Tiger Sports above-and-beyond what they are doing in support of "The Campaign for Jackson State." It is vital that we continue to be able to pay for scholarships, which can make the difference between access to a quality education and a dream deferred.

Ways to Give
A tax-deductible gift to Jackson State University is a wise investment. All gifts, no matter the size, are meaningful and cumulative, helping to enhance the success of our programs, our teams, and most importantly, our student-athletes. There are many ways to make that investment possible, ways that maximize your personal objectives while reflecting your own needs and preferences.

Tiger Fund
These annual gifts promote Tiger athletics and help foster fundraising efforts to support the entire athletic program. The purpose of the Tiger Fund, established by a group of Jackson State alumni and supporters, is to assist the athletics department in obtaining the resources it needs to ensure successful student athletes and a professional staff.

Current/Outright Gifts
Making a donation of cash is as simple as writing a check or authorizing a charge on your credit card. You may make a one-time cash gift or a multi-year commitment for a major gift in the form of a pledge, allowing you time. Every gift, large or small, counts and is appreciated. A naming opportunity is available for major gifts over $10,000.

Gifts in Kind
Donating needed goods and services are another way to build the strength of the JSU athletic programs. Donations of items that normally would have to be purchased produce a savings to the overall athletics budget. Printing services, office supplies, travel services, lodging, catering, and courtesy cars are among the current needs.

Matching Gifts
Many companies participate in matching gift programs which enable their employees, who make charitable contributions, to enhance the impact of their gifts. Check with your Office of Human Resources.

Your contribution of long-term appreciated securities not only assists Jackson State meeting its financial and educational goals, but also relieves you from paying capital gains tax on those securities and entitles you give to a charitable organization equal to the fair market value of the securities, up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income for that year. Because you avoid the capital gains tax, it is usually more advantageous to contribute appreciated securities directly rather than to sell them and give the proceeds of your sale.

Real Estate
Gifts of real estate can generate significant tax benefits for donors and eliminate problems that come with the settlement of estates. The gift can be for a fractional interest in the property or the entire property.

Planned Gifts
Bequests are the most common and simplest form of planned gift that Jackson State accepts. A bequest gift, large or small, is made through a donor's will. Individuals may include Jackson State University in their wills by naming Jackson State for a specific dollar amount, a specific asset, or a percent share of their estate. Donors can also name Jackson State as the residual beneficiary of their estates after the payment of bequests to others.

Life Insurance
Life insurance can be an effective method of funding a gift. If you name the university as the beneficiary and owner of the insurance policy, there are immediate tax benefits.

Retirement plans
If you are 59 years old or older and can make withdrawals without triggering a penalty, you can use these funds to make your campaign gifts and be certain that these funds will never be subject to gift or estate tax.

This information is prepared exclusively for friends and donors of Jackson State University. Its purpose is to point out current tax developments that may be helpful in tax and financial planning. You should, of course, consult with your attorney as to the applicability of any ideas to your own situation.

Support Tiger Sport!
Methods of Giving
Donations will be accepted in payments of cash, major credit card, electronic funds transfer, or bank draft. Please make all checks payable to the Jackson State University Development Foundation, Inc.

To give in person:
Visit us at the following address:
Jackson State University Development Foundation, Inc.
Jackson State University
Administration Tower
3rd Floor

Mail your gift to (please do not mail cash):
Jackson State University Development Foundation, Inc.
Post Office Box 17144
Jackson, MS 39127

Give Securely Online:
Go to the Foundation's online donation page at and it will take you to a secure giving form to complete and submit to the Office of Development. Once we have received your contribution information, we will process your gift and mail you a receipt for your tax records.

Give by EFT/Bank Draft:
To give by EFT (electronic funds transfer) or bank draft, please call 601-979-2946 to request an authorization or bank draft form.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Office of Development at (601) 979-0418 or visit the website at

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